Why Hire Professional Painting Contractors?

Home painting is often considered the ultimate DIY project, particularly when it involves interior rooms. So why hire a professional painting contractor instead of taking a couple of weekend days to paint? Benefits of Professional Residential Painting Services Hiring pros to do your interior painting job or exterior paint project does more than just save you time … Read more

How to Clean Painted Walls

Not sure how to wash your painted walls? Have you ever tried to get a mark or stain off a wall and stopped when you realized you were rubbing off the paint too? It’s true, you’ve got to be careful when washing painted walls. Most household spray cleaners and liquids are too harsh for the … Read more

Holiday Decorating Without Damage

Whether you’ve just had your home painted by your favorite Collin County painting contractor, or simply don’t want to drill holes in your walls or exterior, we’ve got some great ideas for getting your holiday swag on without causing property damage. Brick Tricks If you’ve got a brick wall or mantel that needs some festive greenery, … Read more



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