How to Paint Room Walls Using Ragging Technique

Ragging is a very common interior painting technique that gives a feeling of timelessness. Just imagine having walls in your room that look like a historical cathedral or a cottage of a farmer from the medieval age.  You can easily create these timeless wall effects using ragging, one of the easiest faux painting techniques to … Read more

Tackle Cabinet Staining With This Step by Step Guide

Need a custom look on your cabinets at an affordable price? Why not consider cabinet staining? Pre-finished cabinets are very costly and you don’t always get to find the ones that really work with your home decor. As painting experts, we always recommend getting unfinished cabinets and then applying a stain and finish before you … Read more

Removing Popcorn Ceiling – A Professional Painter’s Guide

Are you tired of looking groovy textured ceilings in your home? These ceilings often called ‘Popcorn ceilings’ are in a lot of homes in Texas and Dallas Fort Worth. But not everyone likes them. So if you moved to a new home in Collin County, or in the surrounding neighborhoods, there is a good chance … Read more

A Step by Step Guide To Remove Wallpapers Like a Professional

With fall just around the corner, it is time to swap your old wallpapers with something fresh and on-trend. But in order to remove the wallpapers yourself, you must overcome the fear that removing wallpaper on your own is a difficult process. Wall-covering installation experts at Encore Painting have been providing interior painting services and … Read more

5 Creative Faux Finish Ideas for Luxurious Interior Walls

A lot of homeowners dream of turning their home into an architectural masterpiece. But we all know that means buying expensive furniture and taking the services of a professional architecture that usually charges a lot. What if we told you that you can give your home a luxurious look by just using faux painting methods? … Read more



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