3 Signs That Tell You Need A New Exterior Paint Job

Exterior paint is very important for your home. It not only increases the curb appeal of your property, but also protects the exterior walls from water, mildew and mold damage. But how do you tell that you need a new paint job on the outside of your home?  We sat down with painting experts to … Read more

3 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Professional Interior Painter

Thanks to social media platforms like Instagram and Pinterest, it is easier than ever to stay current on the trends of home design. There are plenty of ideas on these platforms that can spark creativity in the heads of homeowners. Every homeowner desires for their home to look good from both inside and outside. So … Read more

4 Benefits of Painting Your Interior Walls In The Winter Season

It is normally observed that most homeowners, especially in Texas, tend to reserve interior paint jobs for the spring and summer seasons out of fear that the paint might not dry properly if done before these two seasons.  Although the harsh weather of winter isn’t ideally the best weather for exterior paint jobs, it is … Read more

Cleaning Your Painted Walls Without Damaging The Paint

Grime, tar, dirt, and all sorts of other debris can easily get collected on your walls. Dirty walls make a home look really bad and in order to bring back that glory once the walls had, they need to be properly cleaned from time to time. It is okay to wash your walls every 2-3 … Read more



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