The Basics of Painting Trim – Expert Tips from Professionals

The Basics of Painting Trim – Expert Tips

Painting trims with a new coat of paint can have a big impact on your home, just as much as it would to paint window frames, doors, baseboards, and moldings. Trims not only draw attention to moldings, but a well-painted trim will also immediately give your wall colors a fresh new beautiful look. Perfectly painting … Read more

5 Massive Mistakes You Should Avoid When Painting Kitchen Cabinets

kitchen cabinet painting is really tricky

As much as Pinterest wants to make it sound easy, kitchen cabinet painting is a really tricky paint job that requires knowledge and skill. Encore Painting in Mckinney has been providing cabinet painting and staining services for many years and we want to share some tips with people who like DIY-ing home improvement projects. If … Read more



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