4 Creative Ways to Decorate Your Walls with Faux Finish

Decorate Your Walls with Faux Finish

Do you wish to add some color and zest to your home while also channeling your inner artist? If so, let us tell you about an easy and inexpensive way to decorate your home without having to buy expensive paintings or wallpapers. We are talking about the faux finish painting technique.  Haven’t heard of it? … Read more

5 Painting Hacks to Make A Small Room Look Bigger

make small room look big with interior painting

Small rooms or spaces can be an instant turn off. They feel cramped, suffocating, and unappealing. While we cannot afford the luxury of adding more space to a small house, we can give it the illusion of a more spacious and warm place. Paints play a pivotal role in shaping the appearance of a room … Read more

5 Common Drywall Problems and their Solutions

how to fix drywall problems

  Drywall is a common construction material primarily made of gypsum. It is used to add strength to walls and ceilings. Along with that, drywalls also add aesthetic value to the home. Sometimes an installation fault or wear and tear cause drywall to become uneven or crack.  A cracked or dented drywall is a sore … Read more

Remove Your Interior Wall Paper With These 4 Easy Steps

Remove Your Interior Wall Paper With These 4 Easy Steps

So you have just recently moved to a new home and now your not quite satisfied with the interior wallpaper. Or maybe you are trying to sell your home and want to get the best value from the deal and you want to strip the old wallpapers and give the interior walls a brand new … Read more



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