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Power washing clears grime and debris off your home’s exterior, leaving it clean and looking new. A professional exterior power wash is a beneficial home service, whether or not you are having the exterior of your home painted.

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Benefits of Exterior Power Washing

  • Power-washing your home is far more efficient and effective than scrubbing it by hand. Professional power washing completely removes accumulated grime, dirt, and debris with highly-pressurized blasts of water. Even the highest parts of your home and difficult-to-reach spots get clean.
  • Power washing gets it all. Encore Painting power washes homes using M1—a specialty cleaning solution formulated just for power washing homes—and bleach to make sure that flaking paint, dirt, mildew, green algae, wasp nests, and other obstructions are removed from the surface.
  • Power washing is less risky than hand scrubbing. There is no need to get on a ladder or try to reach difficult spots!

Power Washing for Exterior Paint Prep

For any exterior paint project to be truly successful, proper surface preparation is key. The single most important step prior to any exterior painting is to properly clean the surface of any debris or old paint and stain. Power washing is the most effective way to clean any exterior surface for painting.

In addition to power washing to prep your home for an exterior paint job, we also scrape off any remaining paint particles with a metal brush and sharp scraper.

Why Hire a Professional for Exterior Power Washing?

At Encore Painting, we have been power washing Collin County homes since 2007. We have gained the knowledge and experience needed to safely and effectively wash home exteriors with these powerful tools.

High-pressure power washers can be dangerous in inexperienced hands. The proper settings must be used for different exterior materials. At high pressures, water can actually damage wood and brick, leaving your home’s exterior surface in worse condition than before.

In addition, there is a risk of damaging windows and allowing water to enter the home through door frames. Only an experienced power washing tech can ensure that those types of damages won’t occur.

At Encore Painting, we are insured for your protection and ours—and we already have the power washing equipment to boot!

Collin County Exterior Power Washing

If you are having your home painted, or just want to clear your DFW-area home’s exterior of dirt, grime, flaking paint, mildew, green algae, wasp nests, and other obstructions, count on Encore Painting.

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Additional Exterior Services from Encore Painting

  • Priming and Painting – The Encore team can completely transform the look of your home’s exterior with a new color or freshen up its curb appeal with a new application of its existing color. For exterior painting, we highly recommend priming the surface first. Primer helps maximize the lifespan of your new exterior paint job.
  • Power Washing – Power washing is usually the most effective method for completely cleaning the exterior of your home. But it should be done by a professional—different parts of your home’s exterior require different pressures and techniques. An inexperienced user may damage woodwork or brick. Encore’s painters are power-wash pros!
  • Caulking – Keep the cold out and the warmth in with a re-caulking job from Encore. If you live in an older home, it’s an especially good idea to have your caulking professionally redone, particularly as part of a new paint job.
  • Wood Replacement – At Encore, we also do replacements of siding, shutters, and other exterior wood materials.
  • Door and Shutter Staining – Add some extra polish to your exterior paint job by having your doors and shutters stained. A fresh new color and shine can do wonders for your home’s curb appeal.
  • Fence and Deck Staining – Sealing and staining your home’s deck and fencing helps prolong their life, as well as their good looks!