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A long-lasting, appealing interior residential painting job starts with careful preparation and priming. At Encore Painting, every interior residential painting job estimate includes the painting and priming of each room.  This critical step ensures a polished, long-lasting interior paint job.

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Our Interior Residential Painting Process

Every Encore paint project starts with meticulous preparation.

  • Clearing the room. Our pro team will remove any furniture and belongings that can be moved from the room. If there are items that for whatever reason cannot be removed, they will be moved to the center of the room and completely covered with a heavy-duty drop cloth.
  • Covering and protecting the floors. We take the utmost care when it comes to protecting your floors from damage. Our team will cover the floors and do the appropriate trim taping when necessary.
  • Cleaning the walls. A clean wall is the best canvas. We will scrub down your walls with a mild cleanser, rinse, and allow them to dry completely before applying the primer.

Primer lays the foundation for a quality paint job.

Need help choosing the right paint color for your interior paint job? Check out our paint shade selection tips!

The Encore team always applies primer before painting interior walls. Primer increases the paint’s adhesion to the walls and ensures that it will retain its luster much longer. In addition, we prime your walls prior to painting because it assures that the underlying color, along with any repair patches, will not show through the brand-new custom paint job. Primer is especially important when using latex or acrylic paint. Your Encore painters will apply primer that is the best match for your chosen paint.

Professional skills ensure a professional paint job.

At Encore Painting, our painting pros have skills built over years of experience. These skills bring refinement and professional polish to your rooms that you won’t get anywhere else.
So why choose Encore for residential interior painting in the Collin County area?

  • We take the time to do things right. Before we start any interior priming and painting job, we put down plenty of protection—drop cloths and more—to ensure that your floors and furniture are safe. Our taping and trim painting are beyond compare.
  • We use the best quality equipment and paints. Your home is likely the most significant investment of your life. A poor paint job is unacceptable. That’s why we use top brands like Sherwin-Williams to ensure quality and durability.
  • Specialty work is our specialty. Does your home have vaulted ceilings? Built-in shelving? Elaborate molding? Not a problem for Encore! Our team is experienced in painting challenges large and small.
  • We want you to be a customer for life. We treat every job as a top priority, and we strive to earn your business with every interaction. Take a look at our testimonials to see the results of our commitment to customer service.

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